Following a career spent between Milan and London sourcing fine Italian textiles for international fashion houses such as Givenchy and Alexander McQueen amongst others, Buenos Aires native Laura Manara launched her eponymous label after friends and colleagues admired her personal set of lavishly embroidered, custom-made caftans.

Today the ready-to-wear and resort collections have evolved and take inspiration from the golden age of jet-set travel to exotic destinations. Products range from tunics to dresses and jumpsuits presented in exquisite fabrics including Italian linens and cotton-voiles, hand embroidered or printed with jewel-inspired geometric motifs; versatile pieces such as cover-ups and embroidered tunics accompany the wearer from portside to poolside and anywhere in-between.

Highly original embroidery is designed with painstaking detail: a long and slow process which usually starts from a photo of a jewelry piece, then it’s sketched by hand and finally transformed into a tunic or blouse embellishment, choosing the colors of the threads carefully in order to try and make it as realistic as possible.

The incredibly fine Italian cotton/silk voiles, are printed with our own designs, which are the result of exhaustive search through vintage fabrics and artifacts, especially from the sixties and seventies and also from fabrics that remind us of that aesthetic look.

Fabrics of the highest quality are discovered in small traditional factories, which have been operating for generations with skilled manufacturing processes. The creators of these garments take pride in their craft, from the pattern maker to the fabric dyer and the cords and tassels assembler. Materials made with natural fibers such as cotton linen blends weaved in Puglia and pure silk from Como constitute the essence of LM’s manufacturing.

A life long passion for the sea makes the color blue a constant presence in all LM’s collections, in all the shades and combinations imaginable.

Inspiration is found in nostalgia but nevertheless it is made contemporary by adapting it to the current way of life of our clients, who travel to warm countries all year around regardless of the season.

Passion about architecture and history is translated alongside Islamic tiles and Tunisian woodwork, southern Italian baroque religious art and East Asian Buddhist temples that eventually generate ideas for a print or an embroidery design.

The softest of viscose and elastin jersey feels sensual on the skin and is so easy to pack. Our maxi dresses and funky jumpsuits are ideal for casual balmy evenings about town. They evoke an era of glamour but also freedom, of long and wild sun kissed hair and natural golden tanned skin, of worn leather Capri sandals and bold and chunky colorful jewelry. They are also printed in our geometric inspired designs and usually have a resin detail or accessory.

Last but not least, our 100% cotton terry pieces are a successful solution after a swim in the sea or a plunge in the pool, for those breezy days where you need something warmer and cozy, without having to compromise on style or elegance. They are a sophisticated evolution of the old fashioned robe, you want to snug in it reading an exciting book on the yacht deck just before sunset.